Message from the Advisor of Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia

Welcome to all Hashers to the 16th Pan Asia Hash event

Before starting, I thank Hanyang 4H and all that has done so much to make this event a success. Also I thank and welcome all the guests from all around the world. It is an honor to receive you to this beautiful city of Sokcho where the 16th Pan Asia Hash will be held.

The beautiful nature and culture, combined with the warming reception of Gangwon will surely entice you all to this venue and it too will be an unforgettable experience and memory . This I can assure you.

When I was visiting all around the world for Pan Asia Hash, my face was filled with excitement and anxiousness.

I can imagine all of you would be just like me at this venue of the Pan Asia Hash in the Republic of Korea I hope someday you wil be able tol share the joyful experiences you’ve had during the Pan Asia Hash 2017 to your friends and the world.

I hope for the event to be successful, and wish happiness for all the participants here.

Thank you.