Gangwon Province Tour

Gangwon Province Tour : Unique Venue [Pyeongchang]

Date 30th Oct, 2017
Time 09:00~18:00 (Full day)
Operating condition Min. 25 pax
Fee KRW 110,000
Course Hotel -> Alpensia ski-jumping stadium -> Jeonggangwon -> Woljeongsa Temple -> Sky Ranch -> Hotel
Note - Fee includes Entrance fee, Transportation, Tour guide, Lunch
- The course above is subject to change depending on the situation.

Course Information

2018 Pyeongchang Olympics stadium

Alpensia ski-jumping stadium

There are ski jump towers for athletes on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Alpensia Stadium that requires a monorail to reach, and Daegwallryeong Ski History Center is located on the second floor. There is an observatory, a Ski Jump Tower and a lounge on the 4th floor which are famous for the shooting location sites of the Korean film, 'National Team.'

Korean Traditional Food Experience House


Jeonggangwon, a Korean traditional food experience house is an institute which tries to inherit and develop the Korean food culture and provides diverse hands-on experience programs related with the country's traditional foods. Lodging is available in a hanok, or the Korean traditional house.
In this course, we will have 'Bibimbap' making experience.

The coexistence of history and ecosystems

Woljeongsa Temple

Woljeongsa Temple is located against the backdrop of Mt. Manweolsan and is surrounded by pure spirit of Mt. Manweolsan is full of conifer tree forests all year round which create a quiet scenery. It is one of the best places among famous mountains in Korea.

The Green world, the Alps of Korea

Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch

It environmentally friendly raises 400 Holstein diary cattle and 100 Korean native cattle and produces 1,400 tons of level-1 crude oil and clean Korean native Daegwallryeong cattle every year.
It restrains artificial development as much as possible and provides a nature-adaptive experience ranch where visitors can proactively commune with the nature.