Sokcho City Tour

Sokcho City Tour 1 : Seraksan Mountain

Date 27th Oct, 2017
Time 09:00~14:00 (Half day)
Operating condition Min. 25 pax
Fee KRW 75,000
Course Hotel -> Sinheungsa Temple -> Seoraksan Cable Car -> Gwongeumseong Fortress -> Sokcho Makguksu (Buckwheat noodle) -> Hotel
Note - Fee includes Entrance fee, Transportation, Tour guide, Lunch
- The course above is subject to change depending on the situation.

Course Information

Main Temple of Oi-Seorak

Shinheungsa Temple

Shinheungsa temple is established by Buddhist priest, Jajangyul, in 6th Year of Shilla's Queen Jindeok (652 B.C). One day, three priests called Woonseo, Yeonohk and Hyewon had same dream - a god said "if you build a temple hear, none of three disasters will happen for thousands of years." After the dream, they built the temple and called Shinheungsa Temple as it was built by revelation of god.

World-famous mountain

Seoraksan Cable Car

Gwongeumseong Fortress is the must-visit course of Seorak, but Seoraksan Cable Car is another attraction you should have. It travels in an extremely high height that thrills you to have goose bumps, while its slow movement will give you enough time to be fascinated by the beautiful scenery of Seorak.

Mountain fortress of the Goryeo Dynasty

Gwongeumseong Fortress

You can see the East sea on the east and Ulsanbawi Rock on the west at Gwongeumseong Fortress. Its view is so spectacular, visitors come to the spot endlessly and people say that you cannot truly visit Seorak without going to Gwongeumseong Fortress.

On the top of the Gwongeumseong Fortress, you can enjoy all beauty of Seoraksan Mountain view such as beautiful scenery of Biryong Fall, water falling rocks Biseondae, and Geumganggul Grotto. Don't miss Seorak's beautiful scenery!

Unique taste with spicy sauce and noodle

Sokcho Makguksu (Buckwheat noodle)

True taste of Sokcho Makguksu depends on the taste of Dongchimi (watery radish kimchi) soup. Every house make Dongchimi according to their own family recipes and it tastes much better than any other beef stock. Slightly frozen Dongchimi soup gives unique taste with spicy sauce and buckwheat noodle.

Sokcho City Tour 2 : Along the Seaside [NIGHT TOUR]

Date 26th Oct, 2017
Time 16:00~21:00 (Half day)
Operating condition Min. 25 pax
Fee KRW 70,000
Course Hotel -> Lighthouse Observatory -> Yeonggeumjeong -> Abai Village -> Cheongchoho Lake -> Sokcho Sashimi Town -> Hotel
Note - Fee includes Entrance fee, Transportation, Tour guide, Dinner (no including alcohol)
- The course above is subject to change depending on the situation.

Course Information

The guardian spirit of Dongmyeong Harbor

Lighthouse Observatory

You will experience nature's harmonization at this place by looking at sunrise at Sunrise Pavilion, sightseeing town at the lighthouse and enjoying slopes of Mount Geumgang-san along the coastline

A pavilion built on the tip of a cloud bridge


Yeonggeum Pavilion is often visited by citizens of Sokcho as it has great view and close from the city. It received its name from the mysterious and beautiful sound that is made as waves hit the rock, which it is similar to Korean lute, Geomungo.

Hamgyeong Province Residents' Village & Sokcho Specialty Street

Abai Village

Abai Village is made by refugees of the Korean War, who came to south side of Korea and never returned home. Recently, it gained more popularity and attracting more visitors due to filming popular television show, '2 days and 1 night.'
A must-have dish in Abai Village is Abai Sundae, which is a renowned food of Hamgyeong Province. Mixture of sticky rice, pig blood, cooked sprouts and various vegetables are seasoned with various seasonings including garlic and ginger.

Chongho Magic Mirror

Cheongchoho Lake

This lake has circumference of 5km, and shape of liquor bottle. Lake Cheongcho is included in 8 sceneries of Gwandong district, while Yangyang's Naksan Temple is not in the list. This lake is named as "Chongho Magic Mirror" because the water is too clear, it shines like a fine and clear mirror.

The famous home of live fish and sashimi

Sokcho Sashimi Restaurant

Every harbor in Sokcho has their own sashimi town. Dongmyeong Harbor Live Fish Sashimi Center located at the end of North side of Sokcho Harbor is popular among gourmets. They consider sashimi in Dongmyeonghang Port is high in quality as they only use fish caught in the sea.