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Suggested Accommodations/Hotels And some Advisory

You are free to choose where you want to stay. There are plenty of hotel rooms, motels, guest houses, home stays, hostels to choose from.

You must bear in mind that condos usually have 2 rooms, one is furnished with a double or twin bed and all the facilities and the 2nd room is “Korean Style Sleeping” where you sleep on the floor, the floor is equipped with heaters and bed sheets, blankets & pillows are provided. However, Motels have rooms of their own & Guest Houses have bunk beds and on a shared basis. Ideal for groups.

You can sleep 4 to 6 pax easily. Rate ranges from USD60.00 to USD90.00

Breakfast is NOT the norm. You might find a small pantry with coffee & bread. You are advised to carry your own tea or coffee sachets. Though you can find lots of items in Korea, it might be a good idea to take along a few packets of noodles etc. Do stock up bread, biscuits and water.

If you are not staying in one of “those hotels” then you are advised to bring along your bath towel and toiletries.

Pan Asia Hash Korea 2017 recommends the following sites for you to book your stay. -  Click on the link Hash and choose English as the language at the top left corner  - Click on the link 16th Pan Asia Hash 2017 Korea

Other options: 

Important Note: Should you have any problem getting accommodation of your choice please contact our “Accommodation & Transport Chairman” at +6012 696 7096 (you may whatsapp him) or email him at He will either find you one or build one hotel for you.

Note: When picking your hotel, please refer to our Shuttle Bus Service Route and either choose a place on the route or nearby/walking distance.