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Jun Update

Posted on Jun28, 2017 by Hardy Boy

Grand Master's Names & Chapter's Logo/emblem

As a part of the Opening Ceremony and Welcoming Dinner, the Organising Committee will require all Grand Masters (GM) of "Attending Chapters/Kennels" to come up on stage with the respective logos on a standard sized flag. This flag will be prepared by the Organising Committee and passed on to the GMs during registration.

Hence, we need GMs of all Chapters that will be attending the 16th Pan Asia Hash 2017, Korea to forward the following details to Hardy at dhaliwal27@gmail.com and cc to Ryan Lee's 이민혁 Ryan Lee

GM's Full Name (Actual Name):
Hash Name:
Chapter's Name:
Your Chapter's logo with a minimum resolution of above 600 and only in Jpeg or ai format.

This is required only of Chapters which will be represented at the 16th Pan Asia Hash. We do not need any info from Chapters that are not registered or not attending. We do not need anyone representing a chapter of which no one is registered for the event.

Info required immediately or latest by 30th of August 2017.

Organising Secretary

Volunteers/Helpers Required

Like any big hash event, we need some help as well.

In order to make the 16th Pan Asia Hash 2017, Korea a great and memorable party, we would appreciate any help we can get. If you are available to offer us some assistance in the following times and tasks, please contact Hardy at dhaliwal27@gmail.com and cc to Ryan Lee's 이민혁 Ryan Lee at ryanlee@koreahash.com

You may choose to help throughout or let us know specific time you are available and we will slot you in at your convenient times.

1. Registration - Various eg RDR, BB, Freebies etc

 Thursday, 26/10/17 - 1000 hrs - 1800 hrs

 Friday, 27/10/17 - 0900 hrs - 1600 hrs

 Saturday, 28/10/17 - 0900 hrs - 1400 hrs

 Sunday, 29/10/17 - 0900 hrs - 1200 hrs

2. Bus Captains - 60 vacancies

3. Any other capacity you like to be useful, do let us know.

Current Registration Fee for Pan Asia Hash Korea 2017

USD150.00 - Till further Notice.

USD 200.00 - Next Increase very soon

USD250.00 - Walk in to register in Sokcho, Gangwon, Korea. No Freebies

T-shirt sizes

Our T-shirt sizes have been at the bottom of the “Who’s Cumming” page on the website since Day 1. However, people are still making mistakes. Please take note of the sizes here. Please do not worry about the S, M or Ls etc, look at the inches and pick yr size.

Please note that we are following Asian (Korean Sizes).

The measurement around your Chest or boobies for the ladies in inches are as follows:

Ladies - S(34”), M(36”), L(38”), XL(40”), 2XL(42”), 3XL(44”), 4XL(46”), 5XL(48”)

Men - M(40”), L(42”), XL(44”), 2XL(46”), 3XL(48”), 4XL(50”), 5XL(52”), 6XL(54”)

If for any reason you have given us a wrong size or you think that you have grown bigger or smaller, you may let us know via regopanasiakorea@gmail.com at the latest by 01st July 2017. No changes shall be entertained after this date. You squeeze in or trim off inches that is your problem. Please DO NOT bother us during registration


26th Oct 2017

1000 Hrs – Registrations opens at Sokcho Stadium

  • • There will be NO Group Registration. Everyone MUST register individually.

  • • NO one will be allowed to register for another person NOT physically present

  • • To register you must produce an official photo ID like your passport and a Registration bar code
  • which will be sent to everyone by July. If you do not get one please contact us at regopanasiakorea@gmail.com

  • • No Transfer of any Registration will be entertained or allowed.

  • • NO one will be allowed to collect any Freebies bag for another who is Not Physically present at the Pan Asia Hash Korea 2017.

Limited Shuttle Service

There is limited shuttle service to move from your hotel to the venue & back. Since the venue is very nearby all Hashers are advised to look for alternative or public transport as well.

Mac Update
Posted on Mac 31st , 2017 by Hardy Boy

  • • The Main Venue for the Pan Asia Hash Korea 2017 is the Sokcho Sports Complex - Stadium

  • • Hotels finalised – Click on Hotels tab for more info

  • • Shuttle buses will be provided along designated routes to/from Sokcho Sports Complex

  • • Look out here for other updates

  • • Volunteer Kennels required to host Pre & Post Rambles – Click on Pre & Post Rambles for more info

As the event nears we will be sending out email blasts, site updates and FB posts. We like to draw your attention to the Pan Asia Hash Korea website (you’re on it!) as often as necessary (once a month?) to make sure you are all aware of any updates to the event.  The mis-management team has been working diligently to make sure the 2017 Pan Asia Hash Event is enjoyable for all attendees.


We request that you review your personal information on the Who’s Cumming list. We want to ensure a smooth check-in (photo ID will be required, so make sure your nerd name is your nerd name), that everyone gets to eat the things they like, and receives a shirt that will actually fit them. Right now there are may who have not given their T-shirt sizes and indicated their run choices. There are some who have registered just with their Hash Names. We need your real name that matches your photo IDs. This is necessary to ensure fast & proper registration.

Please contact Hardy Boy at regopanasiakorea@gmail.com to update your info immediately.

Trail Updates

We appreciate and thank all of you who have volunteered to help us on trails! The trails team with the help of the Korean hashers are working on finalizing trails and will be in touch(!) soon to loop you or your group in. We’re looking forward to work with you and bring you all to some of Sokcho’s best spots!

Contact the Trail Masters Sperm Perm at wimvanvliet123@hotmail.com or Juho at juhossong@gmail.com with any questions about trail or the runsites

Questions and Comments

Please visit out contacts page HERE to find the right person who has been well coached to confuse you further. 

Thank you all for signing up and your ongoing support!


Your Pan Asia Hash Korea 2017 Mis-Management Team

Other Info